maria camila

Artist in Bogotá, Colombia

my name is maria camila peña giraldo, I have seventeen years,I am thin,I have the hair short and color coffee dark,my eyes are of color coffee clear,my color of skin is white, lips thin,smile not very perfect and nose small.I consider my selfy shy,friendly,orderly,patient,loving but strong-willed person, cheerful,good feelings,tender.

I have a very nice relationship with my family,they support me , care for me and love me very much.

I am 30 years old. I am the owner of several recognized veterinary and animal foundation, work for the welfare of the animals who need my help. I have traveled several times around the country to support zoos with defferent cases of animals. I have 2 children and a wonderful hasband together we are creating another foundation. My husband is a renowned company manager and helps me manage all business. apart from my work as a vet i have had several contracts for the cover of several magazines and have modeled for various special events throughout the country.