Camilla Tassi

South Bend, Indiana

Camilla Tassi

South Bend, Indiana

Watch the production, here!

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart hosted a student-runproduction of Handel’s Easter oratorio, LaResurrezione,on Friday, April10, in its Lady Chapel.

La Resurrezione,also known as Handel’s Resurrection, is a baroque oratorio which narrates theevents that occurred during the Easter Triduum. Five singers accompanied by an orchestra portray the reactions toChrist’s death and Resurrection through five different characters: an Angel,Lucifer, Mary Magdalene, Mary Cleophas and St. John the Evangelist.

Camilla Tassi, a senior pursuing degrees in Computer Scienceand Music with a minor in Italian studies, was the mastermind and producer ofthe performance. Tassi also adapted theoratorio to abridge it and provided an original English translation to theItalian libretto in the programs.

Tassi said the production involved a variety of studentsfrom different musical backgrounds. The five singers represented an assortmentof age and experience levels, ranging from a sophomore undergraduate student toa student finishing her master’s degree in Sacred Music. The fifteen-personorchestra was composed of a select group of both students andprofessionals.

“One of the main goals of the performance was to create agreater partnership between the undergraduate and graduate music departments,”Tassi said. “The orchestra itself was composed of only fifteen people, halfprofessionals and half undergraduates. Ireally wanted to create this environment of collaboration that’s representativeof my favorite part of music.”

Tassi said that her initial inspiration for the projectstemmed from her desire to create a student-led production of a classical work.

“This is the first time this specific work has been heard oncampus,” Tassi said. “For us, that’s been really exciting. We’re bringing anoratorio most people have never heard before here to Notre Dame.”

According to Tassi, the production received funding from theDepartment of Romance Languages and Literatures and the Institute for Scholarshipin the Liberal Arts. Additionally, theprogram received support and advice from the music, romance languages andtheology departments.

“It was really beautiful to bring those three aspectstogether,” Tassi said. “The production created a cooperation among people whomight not typically get a chance to work toge

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