Camilla Barungi

was born in Kampala, Uganda; spent her formative years traveling with her family all over Africa; went to school in California; and has worked as a model throughout the United States and Europe.

Modeling was not a goal for her—she was pursuing a degree in Biochemistry at San Jose State University in California when she was approached by an agent. She has since worked for such renowned designers as Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar de la Renta, Isabel Toledo, Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B and many more. She is currently represented by top-ranked agency Elite Models.

And in case she seems familiar for some other reason ... many people outside the fashion industry remember her as a standout on the hit TV show Project Runway, where she made it all the way to the finals as the model for designer Laura Bennett.

African Moringa is the first line from Cush Organics, a new venture created by Camilla to realize her dream of bringing authentic, organic and high-quality solutions from their African origins to a broad global audience while benefiting the farmers and their communities who grow and nurture these invaluable offerings from Mother Nature.

One of her earliest memories is of the Moringa tree in her backyard from which she picked leaves to make tea. In fact, she’s been hearing about Moringa for as long as she can remember—from her grandmother, who would give her herbal cures for many ailments; from extended friends and family, who would extol the ageless wonders of organic treatments; and later, from scientific journals that provided irrefutable research on the benefits. Her company and its offerings bring that lifelong vision and interest to a new reality.

Camilla is a true child of her culture: In a career where a health and beauty regimen is critical, she has always relied on the natural and botanical herbals she grew up with. Her personal passion is to make the benefits go both ways—to bring Moringa to a broader community while ensuring that real help, sustainable solutions and, ultimately, wealth creation go to the farmers involved.

Cush Organics represents the perfect personal synergy for Camilla. Her family history, educational background, professional talents, international orientation and lifetime passion all come together in the form of African Moringa.