Camilla Passoni

Italian and French language coach in Prague, Czechia

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Hey there, I’m Camilla . I am originally from Italy, trilingual in Italian, French and English.

I offer language coaching sessions for people who want to improve their Italian or French skills in the shortest time possible.


. We find a situation, subject or experience in which you wish to feel more confident and comfortable speaking.

. We fix a target and identify what will keep you motivated and engaged.

. We check progress against the target to keep us on track.

. We do not follow a book but every lesson is tailored to meet your needs, both in terms of vocabulary, grammar and idioms.

. I provide you with a calm and friendly atmosphere and encourage you to speak as much as possible. The more you speak the more you learn.


Send me an email at [email protected] and we can schedule your free trial lesson.


I started my career working for different companies (Advertising, Automotive, Relocation services).

In 2002 I left my native Italy and has lived abroad ever since (Paris, Zagreb, Bratislava, Prague).

Because of my fast changing lifestyle, my ideas about my professional career expanded in a new direction.

As a result, I completed trainings in life Coaching and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming).

In 2019 I did a MOOC training to teach French as foreign language (FLE).

My polyglots kids (English, Italian, French, Spanish and Czech in working progress) are a source of inspiration for my teaching lessons and the learning process I use with students.

  • Education
    • University Economy and Business Admin. -Milano
    • International Coaching Institute - Paris
    • FLE - Alliance Française