Camilla STEIN

Screenwriter, Author, and Publishing Consultant in the United States

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Author of the upcoming novel Over the Rainbow I Fly, Space Scrapers (2011), Gaia's Children (2008) and a series of short stories including Jo Clearwater series published on Camilla's science fiction blog.

Camilla is a host of CSReview, a blog featuring interviews with filmmakers and authors, and film/book reviews.

Currently Camilla is developing a television series, working on a feature film script and is completing her third book.

Camilla is actively contributing articles on LinkedIn and writes an autism blog Forever Autistic.

In the past Camilla contributed to Examiner, CineSource and other venues.

Camilla is a lifestyle triathlete currently training for an Ironman, rides horses every week and runs an equine assisted coaching practice focusing on holistic training with horses.

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