Camille Wilson

Florida, United States

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Here's a little bit about who i am, what i do, and why i do what i do.

I am a mom to an athletic and bright 6 year old boy who's name means ocean, Kai. I am a wife to Jason who's an awesome husband that supports me in everything i do, and i am also a personal trainer that loves what she does, lead others in their quest to reach their health and fitness goals. I can honestly say this is what i always wanted to do, ever since i can remember.

It all started when i was about 4 or 5. I remember vividly that the very first exercise i mastered was the one exercise most women fear the most, Push ups. I was very fortunate to grow in a house where being active was a top priority. My dad ran when he was younger, was a boxer, did all kinds of martial arts, and even wrestling. I remember my mom doing her aerobics videos, and me doing it by her side. I grew up doing Judo, competitively and boy how do i miss it, it can be a little tough on the back though, i learned so much and i still remember every single thing i learned. I learned boxing and some karate from my dad. I ran crosscountry all through highschool, and i've always exercised some way or another. Always knew i wanted to help others get in shape and live a healthier life, I am and will always be forever thankful to my parents for introducing me to this lifestyle.

  • Work
    • Personal Trainer, Fitness Blogger
  • Education
    • American College of Sports Medicine-Personal Trainer certification