Camille Droudun

Montpellier, France

I am a French student, naturally curious, motivated and keen to learn. I love traveling, meeting new people and discovering new cultures.
My professional goal? Become in few years accounting expert then external auditor. Within a company or an office, independent or with a team, this job gives some responsibilities and the possibility to create lasting relationship with clients with a strong feeling of trust.

Currently in last year of the Bachelor program of the Montpellier Business School that is entirely in English, I wish continue my studies to obtain a Master CCA then a DSCG. I have chosen to complete the technical aspect of job of accounting expert with a beginning of cursus more global of a Business School which enabled me to acquire some versatility with diversified skills.

Sincerely, I think in order to be happy and efficient in job, we must follow the Einstein’s famous formula E=MC² by taking E=efficiency, M=motivation and C=curiosity and conscientious.

  • Work
    • Quatre Vents (Marketing and Communication Agency)
  • Education
    • Bachelor of International Business Administration