Camille Pedraza

I love so many actors and actresses,and I love so many movies.

I love everything about it has to do with movies.

These things I feel passionate about!

My favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr., I think he is a person full of talent and charisma. He is a strong man who overcame obstacles and rebuilt his life.

My favorite actress is Meryl Streep, she is a fantastic, funny, strong and talented woman who has left a mark in Hollywood.

My favorite movie is The Help, because it has a beautiful message of tolerance, teaches great values ​​such as respect and equality.

My favorite classic movie is Casablanca, because everything about this movie is perfect.

My favorite TV serie is The Big Bang Theory, because it entertains me and makes me laugh a lot.

My favorite animated sitcom is The Simpsons, because everything that happens in this program is hilarious, and practically I grew up watching them.

My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice because it is a beautiful story, a classic of English literature, written by the wonderfull and talented Jane Austen, is full of romance and madness between two stubborn people who pretend to hate each other, when in fact they can not live one without the other.