Camille Bianca Ortiz

I take blogs seriously, I love writing - it's the only way I can express every thing without being too emotional and offensive. I like writing more than talking, for short, I suck at verbal interaction. I update blogs + twitter all the time, so I apologize if my posts are always on your dash.

I love sports, I think I got it from my grandfather and my dad. Dad watches every sport he knows - basketball, football, baseball, american football, tennis, and badminton. I got used to watching man stuff like those, so until now I still watch them, but to tell you, it's not really a waste of time. Badminton is my sport, btw.

I'm a lover of art and an aspiring artist, but as they say, every artist was an amateur - and maybe I'm still in the point of life where I don't take things as serious as what people expect me to be, I just enjoy art.

I'm a kid who never gets bored of drawing and coloring. I have my own bucket list, and I make sure I accomplish at least 3 things a week. I procrastinate all the time. I dance whenever I eat something oh so yummy. I still act like a kid, but I know my limits.

I'm not good in 'about me' things, this is the only account where I write things about me, and it sucks. Sorry