Camille Caldwell

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Camille Caldwell was born & raised in Dayton, Ohio. When she was 19 years old, she moved to Atlanta, GA with her family and never looked back. Initially, when she started college in the fall of 2010, she was pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Media Arts & Communications. However after the move, she enrolled at the Art Institute of Atlanta, where she is now pursing a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising, still minoring in communications and is set to graduate in 2015.

In July of 2012, Camille was inspired to start a celebrity blog,, with her love for writing and all things dealing with what's current and the hottest topics. The website was doing amazingly well and then a little over a year later Camille decided to take a break from blogging and focus and rededicate her life to Christ. In the midst of her rededication to the Lord, Camille made a promise to herself and God to remain celibate until she's married. After making this vow, her idea to start her organization My Worth. My Promise., was created.

My Worth. My Promise., is an organization for women, young adults and young girls, where they will truly learn their self worth and value and have self love and respect for themselves. It is also an organization where they will learn about the wonders and the works of the Lord and where they will be able to uplift and encourage one another. Creating a strong sisterhood & bond through Christ.

As for Camille, along with starting this organization, she is also in the middle of writing her very first book entitled My Worth. My Promise., whch will be a self help book and will also discuss any issues Camille has and is facing through her journey and how she, with the help of God , will overcome it.

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