Camille Montoya

Student in Houston, Texas

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Alright! I'm gonna come clean and admit I hate writing about myself. I feel like it's tooting my own horn. Of course I'm gonna say how awesome I am and why you should follow me, read my blog ect. But alas I have to write something so please, forgive me ahead of time for my awkwardness. My name is Camille, I live in Houston Texas though I grew up in southern California, so if I ever refer to home as SoCal instead of Cali you know why. But I digress, I'm obtaining my Associate of Arts and hope to study philosophy and theology within the next few years. Over the past year I really felt God calling me to start writing a blog, Not to share my own ideas with others but to use it as an creative outlet and practice for debates for when I attend a university to study. My writings are diverse ranging from definitions to politics. However one common theme runs through them all, Jesus. I stay true to the Bible and all my arguments come from it. I also refuse to state only one side of a opinion, but include various ways to look at a subject to teach others how to look for flaws and unstable arguments when confronting challengers.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little run down of what I'm all about! And please if you disagree with anything I say leave a comment! I love hearing respectful and honest opposite opinions.