liceth rico


born on August 29, 1997 in Aquitaine Boyaca my name is Camila Rico Mesa Liceth am a respectful, friendly, charismatic, my favorite food is hamburger I love basketball, my favorite color is purple my studies I have done in the Ramon Ignacio Avella school through grade 10 and I'm 11 in college finishing thirteenth in Bogota leon called my mother and my father Mesa Martha Luis Rafael Rico I have four brothers Cesar, Daniela, David and Patricia at the moment I'm living with my mother and my 3 brothers lived my entire childhood in Aquitaine Boyaca and I was doing a technologist Table and Bar by the school and the Seine and an online course in English.
I study hotel management and tourist and later have a good job in order to provide a better future for my parents who are the ones who have helped me be a better person

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