Camp Four Paws

Located in the beautiful canyons of Clayton, California, Camp Four Paws maintains a reputation as one of the San Francisco Bay area’s premier doggy daycare and boarding facilities. Offering a wide range of services for canine owners—including puppy socialization, training, bathing, and soft active exercise—Camp Four Paws also provides pickup and drop-off services for dog owners with busy schedules or limited transportation options.

Founded with the philosophy that dogs are happiest and healthiest when they have ample opportunity to exercise and play, the camp’s employees dedicate themselves to ensuring that the dogs under their supervision get to participate in a range of fun activities, such as romping through their huge dog park like grounds, playing fetch, jumping in puppy pools, learning agility and a snuggling with people.

In addition to its doggy daycare and camp services, Camp Four Paws operates a canine adoption center on its grounds. The center works with the local population to find loving homes for dogs that have been abandoned by their owners. Individuals interested in learning more about the camp or its adoption center can visit