Camp Gladiator

Life Coach in Austin, TX

Camp Gladiator (CG) is a life-changing physical training movement that uses enjoyable and difficult workouts to change people's lives. Camp Gladiator workshops are conducted by Certified Personal Trainers that are passionate about pushing participants to push themselves and work together to be Better Together.

CG's four-week progressive cycle fitness program includes professionally-led, 60-minute workout sessions that integrate both strength and aerobic workouts to help each individual discover their best self and attain their full fitness potential.

Camp Gladiator began as a Dallas, Texas-based group fitness camp with 40 Campers and has now grown into a nationwide fitness phenomenon, with over 7,500 convenient weekly outdoor exercises and 2,500 weekly LIVE, online workouts impacting thousands of lives throughout the country.

Timeline and Story of a CG Company

Ally Davidson, a competitor, athlete, and physical fitness specialist with an unbreakable spirit and a desire to help people unlock their greatest selves, founded and continues to inspire the Camp Gladiator community in the United States.

Ally Davidson auditions for the show American Gladiators on the same day as her wedding, only four hours before the ceremony begins! Ally's tryout was a success, winning her not just a spot on the show, but also the opportunity to compete on a special couples episode with her husband, Jeff.

2008 - Just after their honeymoon, Ally and Jeff competed on American Gladiator for four weeks, where they not only dominated but Ally won the show's Grand Championship. She then utilized the money she won to start Camp Gladiator.

2008 - Ally's inaugural CG Camp starts in a parking lot in Dallas, TX, with the first 40 Campers.

2009 - The fast expanding CG community moves its headquarters from Dallas to Austin, TX.

Ally Davidson wins the coveted EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016!

From 2011 through 2021, CG experiences tremendous membership expansion across the country, with new facilities opening in Florida, Louisiana, Colorado, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia, and North Carolina.

2022 - Expansion plans include opening stores in Arizona, Arkansas, and South Carolina.

Camp Gladiator's Mission and Vision

Camp Gladiator's purpose has always been to positively impact the health, fitness, and, ultimately, the lives of as many campers as possible.