Camp Stewart for Boys

A retreat for boys since 1924, Camp Stewart for Boys strives to equip the next generation with the skills needed to become well-rounded young men. Owned by the Ragsdale family since 1966, the Hunt, Texas, camp provides boys between the ages of six and sixteen the opportunity for Christian fellowship in a natural setting. Camp Stewart’s goal is to develop self-confidence and leadership abilities in its campers while providing plenty of recreational activities. Begun by E. J. "Doc" Stewart nearly 90 years ago, Camp Stewart for Boys was bought by Silas “Si” Ragsdale, Jr., and his wife, Kathy Coffey Ragsdale, in 1966. Ragsdale was introduced to Camp Stewart when he spent his first summer there at age 10, and the current leadership remains within the Ragsdale family, where Jeeper Ragsdale, Si's son, is the current director of Camp Stewart. Because of Si's childhood experiences at Camp Stewart, the family has preserved the camp’s original mission: “Don’t wait to be a man to be great, be a great boy.” Camp Stewart provides a summer camp experience that positively influences young boys as they grow into men. Campers enjoy sports, crafts, horseback riding, swimming, and other activities on the camp’s 500 acres. Boys can also observe the abundant wildlife and vegetation of the Texas Hill Country. Campfires, theme days, and devotional time also promote a collegial atmosphere. Along with Camp Stewart for Boys, the Ragsdale family also owns Heart O' the Hills Camp for Girls, where Jane Ragsdale, Si's daughter, serves as the Camp Director. The Ragsdales are actively involved in several organizations, including the American Camping Association, the Kerr Area Chamber of Commerce, and Christian Camping International. Jeeper Ragsdale also serves on the Hill Country Youth Ranch Board.