Can Akkan

Izmir, Turkey

A child of an engineer and a musician, I was born in Ankara in 1977. I grew up learning both about the riches of art and the wonders of the engineering marvels. After my parents divorced, I moved back and forth between Ankara and Istanbul, after finally I settled in Istanbul.

I choose to study Management after I graduated highschool, a decision I'm glad I made, which helped me utilize my social skills and technical knowledge.

I have always been fascinated with the automotive industry. Being my fathers son, I applied for a job in Ford Motor Company once I graduated from university. I had the priviledge to experience all aspects of sales and marketing business in my time there at Ford. I accomplished many firsts at Ford and enjoyed many success. I realised that Product Management is my true passion. When it was time to move on, I decided to continue my career at Chevrolet. As the Carline Marketing Manager there, I was able to manage a broader spectrum of marketing operations.

Having worked at the two major automotive manufacturers in the globe for fourteen years, I am currently looking for new opportunities in the automotive industry, after GM's decision to pull out of the European Market.

  • Education
    • Işık University, BA - Management, Yeditepe University - MBA