Candace Woywada

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I have recently moved to the West Coast from the prairies to pursue my Masters of Arts in Dispute Resolution at the University of Victoria. The opportunity to develop a better work-life balance while also escaping the frigid winters and swarms of mosquitoes was also a significant draw. The great outdoors really are amazing here and I have had a lot of fun discovering the spectacular beauty that my new surroundings offer.

Since moving here, I have had the opportunity to work as a co-op student for Island Health in the Mental Health and Substance Use unit . While there, I became more familiar with some of challenges experienced by people struggling with mental illness and addictions in Victoria. I also learned more about the strong network of community organizations providing supports to these vulnerable populations.

Currently, I am the Campaign Assistant for the University of Victoria's United Way Greater Victoria workplace campaign. This has provided me with an opportunity to learn even more about the community that I now call home. I am really struck by the strong network of supports and services offered to the people of the Greater Victoria region and the vital role they play in making Victoria such a vibrant community.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Resolution Studies I am eager to become more engaged in opportunities that allow me to use and deepen my conflict resolution and mediation skills in a way that serves the larger community. This is a role I held in Winnipeg as a volunteer victim-offender mediator with Mediation Services and one I hope to play again in my new community of Victoria.

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