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I LOVE FLYING..... As an X Fight Attendant flying in the air, and now as a Pole Dancing Instructor flying around my MAGICAL MOBILE Pole. In 2007 I created Shake, Rattle and Pole MOBILE Pole Dancing Parties. Designed for EVERYDAY WOMEN for fun and fitness!!

I started pole dancing as a form of exercise and became a pole dancing instructor after making a decision to leave my flight attendant career. My background is also in the cheerleading, dance field, I was a professional cheerleading instructor on a traveling circuit for a long time. My favorite color is pink and I am a glitter junkie who loves designing costumes!! Oh, I forget to mention I am addicted to coffee and love champagne!! Adventure and fun along with my passion for pole dancing inspired me to create Shake, Rattle and Pole.

Hmmm.... you are probably thinking, "I CAN'T" pole dance for so many reasons but secretly would love to. Trust me the pole has a way of empowering you to put the CAN into CAN'T. I have a MAGICAL POLE that can teach you how to SPIN and FLY!!

Fast forward to 7 years later, hundreds of women have experienced Shake, Rattle and Pole Dancing Parties. Pole Dancing benefits include fun, fun and more fun along with burning CALORIES. Who doesn't like that idea? As an added benefit you can step on your dance partners toes and he doesn't even talk back. Other benefits include; building core strength, enhanced self-esteem, finding a new form of exercise and even learning some sexy new dance moves that might just spice up a relationship.

The best part about our Pole Dancing parties/instruction is that we come to your location and our instruction is designed for ALL, ages, shapes and sizes of women. Together you and your best gal pals party, learn to pole dance and have fun!! Who knows it might be your next new piece of gym equipment.

For those of you who have never dreamed you would ever try pole dancing my advice to you is, "Just Do It." Pole dancing is not about a age, shape or size. It's about a feeling, fun and your personal experience!!

Please contact me anytime if Shake, Rattle and Pole can benefit you or with questions about pole dancing.

See you on the POLE!! Candee

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