Candice Rembert

Student in Durham, North Carolina

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Hello everyone, I’m Candice Rembert. I’m a student living in Durham, North Carolina. I am very caring, passionate, hardworking, dependent, trusting, funny, and a joy to be around. The people around me say that at times I inspire them to do better because they want to be like me one day or it is because I helped them get back on their feet. When they feel like they have nowhere else to go or no one to talk to, they know to come to me, and I would drop everything so I can listen and help. Dancing is also something I am passionate about, but will never pursue a career in. I consider it to be more of a hobby that I do for fun. That is mostly because I want to do something physically that help will others get better. Helping others is what puts a smile on my face. Since the age of 12, I was my grandmother’s Personal Care Nurse- I would cook, clean, bathe, made sure she took her medication, and gave her her insulin injections twice a day. For my grandfather, I was his at home physical therapist after he was diagnosed with stage lung cancer and had his right leg amputated to just above the knee. At home I would help him stretch, exercise and learn to walk with his prosthetic. I was very hard, but it helped guide me to where I am now. I am a Junior and attend North Carolina Central University with major of Physical Education and concentration in Exercise Sports Science. Once I graduate from undergrad with my Bachelors, I plan to go to grad school to obtain my Masters in Athletic Training. My goal is to become an Athletic Trainer or maybe an Occupational Therapist. Either way it goes, I want to be in a profession where I can use my skills and training to help others back to their normal selves. Eventually, I want to come back to school and earn my Business degree with a concentration in , so Financing/Accounting because I would love to branch out from working under someone to owning my own rehabilitation center.