Candice Chirwa

Director, Gender Activist, and Public Speaker in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Recently finished studying her Master's degree in International Relations at the University of Witwatersrand, Candice's research interests focus on Gender Studies more specifically - Sexual and Reproductive Rights. Candice has consulted for the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) which sparked her passion for Menstrual Health Advocacy. In 2017, Candice represented the youth of Southern Africa at the SAIIA Young Leaders Conference and led work on the gender and the emerging youth demographic in Africa.

Candice has been on several media platforms notably eTV, PowerFM, YFM and 702 as a gender activist and youth commentator.

Candice is the Founder and Director of an NGO called QRATE which is focused on curating critical thinking in young people through educational publications and workshops on social topics. Through her NGO, Candice brings Eduliftment (a cohesion of Education and upliftment) to young people through workshops. Recently, Candice organized a Menstruation workshop for 140 girls in Johannesburg and plans to bring Eduliftment nationwide.

Candice is currently working on a book series called the Perils of Patriarchy. She has alsorecently become a radio host for a show called Feminism is for Everybody on CAPS Radio.