Candice Hays

Graduated from the University of Washington in June 2011 with a double major in Political Science and Law, Societies and Justice. Hoping to go onto graduate school for an MBA in the near future.

I am the Business Development Coordinator for Democracy Live, a voter information technology firm that spealizes in electronically delivering voter specific ballots. We call our eBalloting system, LiveBallot, and have been deployed in over 200 live elections across the U.S. Democracy Live was recently chosen by the Department of Defense to electronically deliver ballots to military and overseas voters for the states of California, Virginia and Florida.

Recently, we have begun to partner with major newspapers around the nation to offer voters an innovative and interactive multimedia balloting experience as we near the 2012 election season. Look for LiveBallot on your local newspaper's website as we hope to be in your web space shortly. If you are a newspaper or other party interested in learning more about LiveBallot and how it can be utilized as an eyeball generator and additional revenue stream please contact me at

In addition to working, I'm very passionate about traveling. I have dual French-American citizenship and love to explore, read, cook, exercise, and be outdoors. I believe in recycling and am passionate about women's rights. I believe you should try everything once and that there are no two greater attributes than honesty and kindness. I value innovation, commitment and hard work and am always looking for new people to connect with and partner on projects with.