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Candis Magazine is a monthly women’s glossy which is first and foremost about family life. Candis features articles about family health, offers parenting advice and other topics of interest to those with children, parents, grandparents or indeed any other relatives at all. Candis Magazine regularly out-sells other women’s subscription-based magazines, showing that readers love what it has to offer.

Candis Magazine has many monthly features based around the idea of improving the home and garden, learning new skills and improving on old ones. Each issue of Candis features seasonal knitting patterns. Knitting, sewing and general upkeep of fabric within the home has made a recent comeback in terms of popularity. While not quite on the scale of the ‘make-do-and-mend’ post-war years, the twenty-first century has seen a backlash to the consumerism which personified the latter half of the twentieth century, with many more individuals embracing the idea of making their own clothes, bed-sheets and other garments.

Each issue of Candis Magazine also includes a whole host of recipes for delicious, nutritious family meals. All the recipes featured in Candis are healthy and affordable, providing readers with the knowledge and skills to cater for a growing family without breaking the bank. Many of the recipes in Candis Magazine focus on getting children to eat more fresh vegetables. The Candis team encourage all readers to steer clear of unhealthy processed food which is often full of sugar, salt and chemical additives. Candis recipes are quick to prepare and cost-effective, making it easy for families to avoid ready-meals and fast food. Cooking from scratch may take a little more time and effort but the health and taste benefits are worth it.

Home improvement doesn’t have to be confined to inside the house. Candis Magazine has a dedicated section of gardening hints and tips in each and every issue. The garden section of Candis includes advice on growing vegetables in a home garden or even indoors, tying in with the healthy eating theme. There are articles on when to plant seasonal flowers and bulbs, suggestions on the proper cultivation of clippings and advice on which types of flowers will work best in particular soil types, garden layouts and regions of the country. Subscribers to the digital version of Candis can even ask personal gardening questions and receive answers from the resident expert.