FAQ and Random

♥ Age = 18.

♥ Grade/School = I am attending Princeton University (sophomore year!)

♥ Texting = I don't give out my number before getting to know people. This does not include me asking you a million and one questions, it means me telling you about you (yes, I said that right).

♥ Relationship = Taken.

♥ Questions = If you have any questions, ask on Meetme.com (link below to my profile) in the "ask" bar, I answer them all.

♥ Reply = You will not get a reply if your message is boring or annoying, simple as that.

♥ Grammar = If you don't use correct grammar, I will correct you. Do it more than once, and you will no longer be allowed to talk to me.

♥ Skype = I will not Skype you.

♥ Kik = Candycanesara.

♥ Tumblr = Link below.

♥ Random = I really like meeting new people but I don't like when people jump into things that creepy... So don't be that person.

Update = Even if things don't change to you, I still read over everything to make sure it's all still true. The last time it was fully read over and updated was 8/10/13.