Candy Larry

Wellness Coach. Yogi. Crunchy Mama. Writer. Accidental Vegetarian. Activist. Superhero.

As a wellness coach, my approach is client-based. Instead of offering a one-size-fits all wellness plan based on a cookie cutter approach or fad diets, I create customized plans for my clients based on their individual circumstances, lifestyle habits, health condition and other needs.

I work with clients via local and online workshops, through 30 day jumpstart programs, or during long-term wellness coaching programs where I work with women for months in 60 minute sessions.

Instead of forcing my clients to stick to some “plan” which does not work for them, I first listento my clients’ needs and concerns, then work with them to get over blocks or resistance, making any behavioral changes they make stick.

Ultimately, the work I do as a Wellness Coach is all about:

*providing you with a realistic and practical plan of action.

*offering you the guidance you need to implement changes that work with your lifestyle.

*the support you need to stay on track and accountability that leads to success.

To find out if wellness coaching is for you, I invite you to sign up for a FREE Wellness Strategy Session with me, visit my website to check out my programs, or sign up my free e-coaching series "6 Weeks to a More Amazing You", or for my freebies!

Wishing you all the best,