Candy Leonard

Cambridge, MA

The year Candy was born, Elvis Presley released his first hit record, Allen Ginsberg's Howl was published, and Soviet troops crushed rebellions in Poland and Hungary.

Growing up in a progressive and politically engaged household in Queens, NY, Candy witnessed the transformative events of the 1960s as a precocious and inquisitive young person. This particular intersection of biography and history provided fertile ground for her "sociological imagination" - a concept she would later embrace upon discovering C. Wright Mills in graduate school.

Candy began her career in academic research, exploring the effects of popular culture on child development, gender relations, and family life. On her long journey from Queens to Cambridge, she has been a professor, a talk show host, a columnist, and a child and family advocate. Currently, Candy is a qualitative research consultant, working primarily in the healthcare industry. She lives in Cambridge, MA.