Candy Mandl

I am a people person and a workaholic. I love to have fun at what ever I am doing. I am the mother of four grown girls and just got my motorcycle license and enjoy the beach and wine. In my down time I love to paint.I have worked in all areas of retail.

Telephone: 302-333-1277


Responsible for recruiting, training, conducting personnel evaluations,

implementing new training programs, coaching, and establishing wage incentives and


Monthly reports and spreadsheets to CFO for profit and loss.

Quarterly audits of all stores to insure policies and procedures are being


Work closely with the Delaware banking commission during state audits.

Only district in the company to have 100% state audits for 5 years.

Training in new loan products.

Responsible for the overall operation of office.

Weekly and monthly reports to the corporate office.

All billing and payroll.

Lead all state audits.

Had the full confidence of the owners to trouble shoot problems between all

the offices in Delaware.

Overall supervision of financial department.

Extensive experience working with the printer on layout of magazine.

Responsible for budget control, collections of accounts and payroll.

Quality control of entire publication.