Candy's Errand Service

My name is Candace Rogers and I am the owner of Candy's Errand Services. This business idea started in 2011 but trust me it was well past it's due date! I was already walking in the business without the certifications. Being the oldest child, I've always found ways to help my mother and family to organize things around the home and one of my passions fell right in the middle. I would organize events, create resumes, take people to doctors appointments, and a list of many other things. Then one day I realized that I really enjoyed what I do, but why not get paid to do it. I began to think of all the people that could benefit from the business ... TIME is what came to mind! How many of us would like to give back some time to our families, friends, and loved-ones? Clearly the answer is everyone! My primary focus in this business is small business owners but we are have services for individuals and families as well. So, after reading this bio. I hope my passion becomes yours and you share this with someone in the Jacksonville, FL area that could use our services.

Website under construction:, but will be available as of Saturday, 6/16/2012. Pilot day in the Jacksonville area is Saturday, 6/30/12