Kevin Canfield

Springdale, Arkansas

I was born in Mishawaka, Indiana. Yes, there is such a place and it is a great little city! I attended High School at Marian, the city's catholic high school and later attended Ball State University on a football scholarship. After college I went to work for Procter & Gamble and I continued to work for them for the next 37 years until my retirement in 2010. While at P&G I wrote my first book which is called Mastering Sales which P&G has distributed to about 2,000 of its sales managers. I am currently establishing a platform for a planned second book which will be "The View From the Middle", a book that expresses political opinion but free from any partisan limitations. Below is a link to my book - Mastering Sales - on -

  • Work
    • Procter & Gamble
  • Education
    • Marian High School
    • Ball State University