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I Really should not say”tools” when I mean”individuals”. I used to work whole time for a man that always and publicly referred to his workers as”bodies”. That being used to irritate the $%^ out of me, we’re individuals! This”body” discovered better people to work hard for. Let me rephrase: Matching the proper person/skill-set into the endeavor of a small company’s accounting purpose. As an Freelance Accountant for smaller companies, I have seen a number of methods of obtaining the books completed. Here are the Significant variants:


1.) Owner or owner’s spouse does the accounting and payroll themselves, somebody else does the taxation.

2.) Secretary/receptionist worker doubles since the bookkeeper/payroll individual, CPA does the tax returns, and the payroll quarterlies.

3.) CPA retains the books for your proprietor and does the citizenship and the taxation returns.