William Canon

Roundup, Montana

I was born in Lady Smith, Wisconsin in 1954 and 6 year later my father and mother moved my self and two sisters to Montana. I graduated from Billings West High School in 1972 and left with Fraisers World Fairs as a carney and what a life stile! Landing in Texas with my step brother Dan Tietje, we trimed trees, had a wall paper business, worked for American Airlines. I married Donna there and went back to Montana. After building houses with my father for a couple of years I went to Washington and worked as a union carpenter untill I retired in 1998. I am living back in Montana with my wife of 22 years ,Pam. We raise cattle on our ranch and I work construction and build Harley Davidson style motorcycles. Retirement is good, I just work at what I need not what I have to have. Living the Dream! I enjoy BBQ grilling, Harley repairs, hunting and Fishing, beer drinking, and good health.

  • Work
    • self employed
  • Education
    • high school grad, trades school