Jack Cantillon

Dublin, Ireland


I'm a final year law student in Trinity College, Dublin. I've founded a society about a sport where things run round in circles, I've been to Sydney for free and I've thrown Dublin's biggest party. Along the way I've been lucky enough to be named Trinity's Individual of the Year, been selected for the Washington Ireland Program and even bred a champion racehorse.

This page is about me but it's more for you. If you want to view my sepia toned Instagram pics, if you want to follow my political chatter on Twitter or if you just want to add me as a friend on Facebook you can find it all here.

I firmly believe the internet shouldn't be about hiding behind the couch afraid to type. It's about being open. sharing and connecting. This page is my own little way of being true to that.

I've said hello, now it's your turn.

  • Education
    • LLB Trinity College Dublin