Aura Fluere

Artist in East Lansing, Michigan

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Foraged from a sheltered childhood and a string of unbelievable coincidences, I was born as "John Robert Wolters" in Grand Rapids, Michigan before undergoing adoption at eight weeks, renamed "Nathan Thomas Pence" while living out my childhood for seventeen years in Okemos, Michigan and finally choosing to name myself "Aura Cantus Fluere" as I began an independent life in East Lansing, Michigan.

While rooted in the tri-county area of Ingham township, I've traveled to many countries in Europe such as Italy and Scotland, as well as China and Mexico. Early cross-continental trips such as these helped plant a seed of exploration in me that extended to all areas of my life. I enjoy wild, bold flavors of food, my interests range from natural philosophy to non-linear editing, and there are only a couple genres of music I do not actively listen to.

I recognize that some people are intimately concerned with self gender identity and sexual orientation, but find the labeling of these to be counterproductive. Instead, I choose to identify as whatever people observe in my actions and demeanor, although physically, my genetic structure is surely that of a human male. Emotionally, I find myself attracted to robust, engaging minds, healthy levels of pragmatism, a pleasing demeanor, a love for knowledge and fluid communication skills.

I am of the mindset of communicating what's necessary in a blunt, effective way, with significant effort placed into achieving a goal or learning the conversational limits of whom I'm speaking with. Informally, I speak without a censor and occasionally what I say can be deemed offensive, especially regarding my absurdist humor which can span the gamut of sensitive topics. Those I associate closely with have a similarly uninhibited speaking style, and enjoy complete vocal freedom when conversations arise.

Music has been a significant part of my life since I was a child, and I often find myself associating certain songs with various events, areas, or feelings. After a brief period of piano lessons, I began my career with the French Horn & friends in middle school and high school along with mellophone for four years of marching band. By the time of my graduation, a desire to manipulate existing music urged me into professional DJing, which I still participate in periodically. When I began my first job, it became economically viable to begin recording and producing music, and eventually create a studio space.