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Know More About Cotton Duck Fabric

With the introduction of various types of useful fabrics such as filter fabrics, artist canvas, theatre & event fabrics and many more, textile industry is now becoming one of the booming industries nowadays. Cotton duck fabric is also one of them which is widely used in these days. These fabrics are commonly known as cotton duck cloth which is made up of cotton fibers fully or partially.
If we go back and look for the origin of the name of cotton duck fabric then, we will find that its name has taken from a Dutch work “Doek” which means “linen cloth”. Although, linen duck is used more as artists’ canvas yet, cotton duck fabric is widely used to make uniforms, shoes and many more.
These fabrics are comparatively less expensive, long lasting and light in weight if we compare it with others. They are simple to dye, clean and wash also. Thus, they are widely used to make tents, boat covers, hammocks etc. These fabrics are also versatile in nature and therefore, they can be washed and sewed with an ease. Moreover, they do not require much care and unlike other synthetic fibers they allow air and moisture to pass through them easily. Therefore, they are more comfortable to use.
Additionally, these fabrics are commonly used in the manufacturing of various indoors as well as outdoors products such as shower curtains, tote bags, laundry bags, sand bags etc. They can also be used to make outerwear and other apparels.