Capital TRUST Securities (Pvt) Ltd is a company incorporated in 1990, came under the Capital TRUST Group of Companies in June 2009. The principal business functions of Capital TRUST Securities are; Stock Broking, Internet Trading and Corporate Finance. The company’s team of Stock Brokers, are already serving more than 50,000 clients including most of the high net worth individuals and major corporate bodies as well as many institutions - both local & foreign. The company is gifted with many Stock Brokers who have successfully structured and executed the majority of Strategic Investments in the Colombo Stock Exchange. With the correct leadership and high professionalism displayed by the entire team, the company is constantly looking at newer avenues of development and has thus far proved to be one of the most sought after stock broking companies in the country, not only for its expertise, but also for its integrity, high ethics, transparency, accountability and TRUST built up amongst investors. These are values that encompass corporate greatness Ranked Number 1 in terms of, * Turnover * Brokerage Turnover & * Trades in Year 2010 & Financial Year 2010/2011