Capitol Stork

Client Homes and Other Convenient Meeting Spaces

Welcome to Capitol Stork. This is a Childbirth Education resource offering private classes and scheduled education events for the Capitol Hill expectant community.

Captiol Stork is a private business, created to empower the Capitol Hill community in their birthing experiences.

This business is run by Ruth Underhill (that's me!), a registered nurse with more than 8 years of experience working in labor and delivery units across the country.

I am eager to share with you enough options, knowledge, and tools to ensure you approach your first days of parenting, and the journey of labor with confidence and joy.

To Schedule a Session please e-mail me at

Sessions are open after January 6th 2014.


4 Hour Pregnancy, Birth, and Early Post Partum: $500.00

2.5 Hour Pregnancy, Birth, and Early Post-Partum: $300.00

1 hour mini-session tailored to your own needs/requests This is an excellent option for experienced parents wishing to pursue an experience different from their previous births: $150.00

Quarterly Community Seminars: Free

*Sessions accomodate each clients' specified needs, and goals for education.

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