Student in Washington

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⭐️You can call me Cap or Leo I don't really care but if you know my birth name please don't use that⭐️

☁️I'm diagnosed with depression and get sad and down really easily☁️

🐚I'm genderfluid so He/Him They/Them and sometimes She/Her I'll tell you when I'd like she/her used🐚

🌸I'm pansexual🌸

🍃My main kins are Steve Rogers (Captain America), Matthew Murdock (Daredevil), Scott Lang (Ant-man), Peter Quill/Star Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy), Chloe Price (Life is Strange), and German Shepards. Please don't follow if you kin with any of the above as I deserve to be respected🍃

🌙Please don't follow if you kin with any of the following as my friends deserve to be respected:

- James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes (Captain America)

- Kyle Broflovski (South Park)

- Natasha Romanoff (Avengers/Captain America)

- Rose Lalonda (Homestuck)

- Craig Tucker (South Park)

- Clemont and Caitlin (Pokemon)

- Nightcloud (The Warriors series)

- Padma Amidala-Skywalker (Star Wars)

- Nina Sayers (Black Swan)

- Satine (Moulin Rouge)

- Max Caulfield (Life is Strange)

- Lucina (FE:A)

- Hanayo Koizumi (Love Live)

- Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

-Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)

- Lars (Steven Universe)

- Huskies

- Chara (Undertale)

- Napstablook (Undertale)

- Peridot (Steven Universe)

- Choromatsu (Osomatsu)🌙

To follow me please dm and ask me okay? Okay nice