Capt Regi

Being born in a different country, brought up in a different culture, pursuing a technical education again in a different location that had a different society, picking up the first job in a continuously mobile workplace....these may be the reasons that I keep telling myself that its a free world. Its a world that has no boundaries... apart from the ones made by maybe politicians, maybe dictators, or even maybe strange ideologies.

That's the reason why I've been trying to get a professional exposure, not confined to any particular domain; but across various streams and across many industries. I feel one should feel free to explore each and every field that one has got the opportunity to enter into and get a feel of.

From action-packed Military days, to number crunching and brain-draining days at one of the top technological universities in the world; from dealing with HR & IR to improving the SCM effectiveness and efficiency; my career has been an enriching experience.

I'll keep trying to learn new things, be it from the professional point of view or in my personal life... because again it's a free world ... and we're born free !!!