Cara Brennan

Brooklyn, NY

Cara Brennan, New York-based writer and all around artsy person, was born in Washington DC and raised in the nearby suburb of Arlington, Virginia. She was homeschooled by her parents, who locked her and her four siblings in the basement with quill pens, parchment and dusty tomes to study until they reached high school age, letting them out solely to perform in youth theatre and bicker with each other over the dinner table. She almost went to college in Boston, but narrowly avoided her cold and WASPy fate by receiving last minute acceptance into an acting conservatory in NYC. After graduating, Cara invested in her exploration of the written word in performance, and is becoming a regular in the open mic scene. She is also working on her first novel, and it's about darn time. Cara is a recovering Catholic with a romantically scientific view of the chaos we call our universe, and lives in Brooklyn with her cantankerous cats, Seamus and Sammy.

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