Cara Spencer


I'm a carefree teen who loves giving and receiving advice from anyone and everyone. My advice, for the most part, has helped so many of my peers and family. So, it may be obvious of why I created this blog then, right? This is all for you guys! I want to answer all of your personal or general questions that you didn't want to ask your parents or peers and need/want another perspective. That's why I'm here! My XOXO, CaraLove advice column is mostly for my peers and young adults, but older adults should feel free to ask as well. You can't go wrong with a young adults perspective.

When answering your advice questions, I will answer with honesty and love. I will make sure to incorporate my ideas on your situation as well as great tips on how to go about it. Most of my answers will come from my perspective and my experiences. I'd also like to add that everyone has different experiences and has been through some type of hardship throughout their lives, so for me to judge you all would be inconsiderate and defamatory.

Okay, whew! Now that I've told you all about my advice column, lets talk a little bit about me...On my off-days, I love to relax with cup of Lipton green tea, her laptop, and the sounds of reality T.V. blaring in the background. In addition, one of the things I love to do most is sketching dress designs, in the hopes of one day, becoming a fashion designer or stylist. My interests include (but aren't limited to): art, fashion, writing, blogging, surfing the web, family, food, friends, and video games.

Thanks for reading this helpful, but informative lengthy introduction! XOXO, CaraLove