Cara Heinze


The gym is great...when you have time, money and no children. I have tried to make time in the past, but I just ended up feeling guilty because I wanted to spend the time I had off with my kiddos.

That is when I had the epiphany. I have these insane balls of energy right in front of me just wanting to get outside and do things all the time.

At about the same time I had this epiphany I was taking a class on health promotions at my school (I am a student which is why I have no time or money). I was learning all these fantastic ways to get healthy that didn't necessarily involve a huge time investment.

So long story short, this is where my blog comes into play. I wanted to share with you some of the things that I have learned about getting healthy along with the some of the ways that we stay fit in our house.

They are often simple and silly, but I believe simple is the the way that we can all make lifestyle changes that we keep forever.

So if you want to, check out my posts and follow my blog. Together we can work together to stay fit and healthy in a crazy busy world and have some fun while we do it.