Dirty Caramel

As the tagline suggests this is my playground, this page will be the start of my social networking journey.

I am a 20 year old music producer/DJ from Cardiff. I predominately produce moombahton, for those of you who dont know about this, I will explain. Okay, so take house music at 130bpm, slow it down to around 105-108bpm. Add a little spice from reggae and POW! You have this little genre nailed.

I try to be a little more experimental than most, and try to look for any cool sounds, that I hear to help influence where my next project will go. You will hear as part of my first compilation, I have tried to incorporate almost every popular genre into each song individually.

I call this page my playground, because this is where I will post any interesting sounds, videos and events I am either making, creating or taking part in. I will also post anything that takes my liking or that is heavily influencing me that day.

Thank you for reading about me.

Let the fun begin. . .