CarDATA Consultants

Vehicle Reimbursement Program in Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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Located in Oakville, ON, CarDATA Consultants offers user-friendly and efficient vehicle reimbursement solutions through Platinum Service and cloud computing technology to companies in Canada and the United States.

Their tailored vehicle reimbursement programs are an effective alternative to traditional vehicle fleet and in-house car allowance programs. CarDATA’s programs include: Cost Savings Analyses, Risk Reduction Service, Fleet Transitions, SMART Database, and IRS Compliance. Other services include: Mobile Mileage Entry, Real-time Updates, Non-Taxable Options, Best Practices, and Cloud Computing.

The outcome of a well-implemented CarDATA vehicle reimbursement program fosters the reduction of a company’s annual spend on total business vehicle expenses, the reduction of risk exposure, and streamlined reimbursements. As well, CarDATA Consultants programs are IRS Compliant, reduce risk & avoid liability, reduce administration, and provide fair and accurate reimbursement.

Founded in 1999. CarDATA is backed by leading-edge technology that simplifies the reimbursement process for businesses of all sizes.

CarDATA Consultants is located at 271 Cornwall Rd #201, Oakville, ON L6J 7Z5. For more information, please contact (866) 550-5188.