Jose Cardenas

Bakersfield, California, United States

Well I am an E.M.T. for a local company in Bakersfield CA. I've been going to school the last few years and finally obtained a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

I have awesome support from my family and friends and life I couldn't have a better team behind me.

If you can tell I'm an Uber geek, that's ok. I know how to not only use all my gadgets, toys, and games, but also know how to troubleshoot them and fix them (soldering is not for the weak of heart). I love all things pop culture, video games, and all around nerd stuff. I have lots of catching up to do though because I didn't have Netflix for a while.

Now I'm looking to grow with a new company and apply what I've learned in school. I love my current job, I get to help lots of people all the time. Sadly, there isn't enough growth and personal enrichment for me at this time. As one of my teachers once said "you have to move out to move up". Here I am today at a crossroads for my future

  • Work
    • Hall Ambulance Services
  • Education
    • University of Phoenix
    • Taft