Cardiac Life Products

Cardiac Life is dedicated to saving lives. Their mission is simple: Provide the highest quality products available with the highest level of service. They create tools that will help PAD sites maintain compliance so all responders and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) owners will be indemnified under the Good Samaritan Law.

Their team of experienced professionals has firsthand knowledge of Emergency Medical Services and has achieved the highest levels of training as EMTs, Paramedics, nurses and physicians. They have their own medical director on staff, which allows them to provide medical direction and respond to rescue events quickly.

Cardiac Life is an innovative leader in developing solutions that mitigate risk and ensure compliance with AED laws. Cardiac Life has a team of highly qualified staff who assist organizations in the procurement, management and maintenance of AED equipment and Public Access Defibrillation programs. Cardiac Life is a CWBE and works closely with government, schools, private industries and businesses, helping to increase the chance of survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.