Wollesen Brooks

With therefore much curiosity about how social networks work, one begins to wonder if you have advertising potential within these social networks?

I have been watching social network for a while now. Actually I am a member of various social networking websites including http://www.myspace.com/ and https://www.linkedin.com just...

There's been a virtual explosion of social-networking websites previously year or two. Even the players like Google, Yahoo and MSN are receiving into it.

With so much curiosity about how social networks work, one begins to wonder if you have marketing potential within these social networks?

I've been watching social networking for quite a while now. In-fact I am an associate of various social network sites including https://www.linkedin.com and http://www.myspace.com/ merely to name two.

I joined partly because I wanted to see what these were, but moreover to see what impact social networking might have on SEM in the coming years.

I have been a part of various ser-vices for quite a while and the reach these sites have is outstanding.

For instance, from my LinkedIn network of seven people I've an extended network of over 12,600 people.

That is amazing - I'm just a click or two away from close to 13,000 others who share my related interests ranging from what I like to watch o-n TV to work I can give to them.

Through my connections and their connections, I am related to people starting from the American Cancer Society, to Sun Microsystems to the University of Texas to Google.

But what advertising opportunities are there for Social Network?

Well, let's have a look at MySpace. This splendid Finding Missing And Unclaimed Superannuation. | Humour Westindies website has uncountable lovely tips for the reason for it.

MySpace is among the prime sites on line today. I-t racked up 9.4 billion page-views in August 2005 (more than Google) and new customers are signing up at a rate of 3.5 million per month.

MySpace is typical of where todays 18-30 year old goes to manage their electronic life. It allows people to publish photographs of themselves and their friends, produce a blog, record their favorite artists, watch and share videos, suggest things to do and lists a set of people they consider friends. It is on this 'Frien