Marins Kushim

This knife is the most innovative tool with the shape of credit card. It is made of special stainless steel material, and sharper than the other knives. The foldaway design makes it convenient for handling and carrying. It can be placed in the wallet or the pocket, with good portability. It is great to cut food when you go camping. A very perfect pocket knife, are you ready to get it? Cardsharp Black Credit Card Folding Safety Razor Sharp Knife mini knife

It is made of high quality material, can be used for long time
Lightweight, ultra thin and razor sharp
Used folding design, and it can be folded into credit card size
It can be folded at least one hundred times and are not broken
It can be easily put in pocket or wallet
Durable and safe, easy to use
Suitable for use in the outdoors, camping, first aid and other