Carece Slaughter

Consultant and Small Business Owner in Carrollton, Texas

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Like you I play many roles in this wonderful life.

I am first and foremost an immeasurably blessed child of God. I am a dedicated wife, married to the most amazing man for 34 years; mother of 3 incredible children, 33, 32, & 10 (Yes, I know there is a 22 year gap between the last two.) I’m mother-in-law of a very smart young man and grandma “CC,” of the most beautiful little girl! I’m the oldest daughter of two wonderful parents; daughter-in-law of a precious woman, who gave me my very best friend; sister of 5 unique and remarkable siblings; sister-in-law to my husband’s only sister and my siblings’ spouses. I am a friend of so many fascinating and enriching people; co-founder of New Generation Ministries International, a truly incredible calling; founder of Business Women for Success™ an organization to help women “Share… Encourage… Succeed™”and CHICchat!, a unique Collaborative, Healthy, Informative Community for women; Co-Founder of SocialNotz, a Social Media engagement firm and Praxez, the mLearning desitination for dynamic chrisitan living, Speaker, Strategic Planner, Personal Wealth and Business Coach to many wonderful women entrepreneurs, helping them create Purpose Directed Wealth Strategiesbecasue welath is so much more than money.