Carelys Soto Ortiz

Student, Writer, and Musician in Puerto Rico

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Greetings, I’m Carelys. I’m a student living in Puerto Rico. Studying in University of Puerto Rico in Humacao, with concentration on graphical designing.I really love to draw and desing so this might help me a lot. I'm new in this site stuff and online work with my teacher Jesús López. I'm seeking for improvement in my English language skills.

My “ikigai” is always to have a brilliant smile on my face even if I’m passing through a rough situation. Trough the smile shares the love of God to others and letting them see that’s there’s someone up in the sky caring for them. I want to develop my language skills and improve it even more with my Professor Jesús López. Since I can say that technology is an important tool on this class is a I want to learn more about how to use it for something important as English is. In conclusion I could say that I hope I get an A plus here!