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If you need a car window repair or windscreen replacement, give us a call today! We are open 7 days a week. We are a locally owned and operated business. It is always important to get your car glass inspected immediately if you ever discover a crack or chip. To learn more about Carglass1 Read our about us.

Carglass1 is the number one auto glass and windshield repair company in San Diego, CA. Owned by a veteran of the auto glass industry for over a decade, Carglass1 is positioned to be the authority for auto glass information online and locally.

Visitors can expect to find a variety of useful information about windshield repair and auto glass services. From carglass1 cracked windshields and shattered mirrors to car window regulators and windscreen replacements, users can find anything they are looking for related to auto glass.

Additional information on auto glass services and carglass1 repair techniques are provided for users to understand how to react when they encounter a crack in their windshield. Remember this, a cracked windshield is highly dangerous and reduces the structural integrity of a car if it is cracked, increasing the chance of serious injuries if a traffic collision were to occur.

On the CarGlass1 Website there is also a news blog portion of the website where CarGlass1 will curate and post content about current events, local events, local celebrations, safety tips, and auto glass tips.

We service all of San Diego and even have customers from as far as Temecula and Chula Vista. Currently we do not provide a mobile service and handle all auto glass repair in-house.

We also have a local news section on our website that overviews all the current events that are happening in san diego and in the surrounding communites. On our blog and local news page we will be discussing local events, celebrations, and tips for auto glass repair services. If you have a problem with your autoglass head on over to our website and submit a contact form or call us n

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