St. Louis, MO

Cargo Train Apparel (CTA) is an online resale-retail company founded by 3rd generation St. Louis, MO native, Michelle Vargas, an apparel retail professional, and freelance fashion stylist, that has taken her negative life events, and "flipped" them into a positive solution for apparel consumers.

Michelle is a bullycide survivor. Enduring nearly 10 years of continuious verbal and physical abuse from her classmates, mockery by her teachers, and ignored by her school's administration, she began to lose all hope for a happy existence; contemplating to end it all, but she knew the only way to beat her abusers was to LIVE WELL, and pursue the company she had always dreamed of. A company built directly from her life experiences that have shaped her world.

CTA prides itself on being eco, image and cost-conscious. Offering new to recycled (pre-loved) apparel and accessories from various established designer brands to showcasing the works of local artists and designers from around the country. Keeping in mind that there is no need to sacrifice quality for cost-consciousness; that it is more than possible to have the best of both worlds. CTA is also volunteers in helping to raise awareness and support for various organizations and social causes, such as: homelessness, poverty, and hunger. All causes that Michelle, herself, has had to overcome.

Even in its infancy, CTA has already caught the attention of numerous high-profile individuals and a rapidly growing fan base through various social media outlets. CTA continues to grow into the extraordinary vision of its founder.

Proving once and for all that just because you come from nothing, doesn't mean you have to leave that way.

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